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Dr. Fire to remove negativity and ward off evil

By Dr. Dhara Bhatt

The whole Universe is made up of five elements. Fire is the most dynamic and vibrant of the five elements. It is the only element which is responsible for bring change in quality of whatever it touches. Fire is present everywhere from within the DNA of your cell to the Sun which is the centre of our Solar system. There are about 54 different types of fires in our body. Vedic wisdom states that if you balance fire, you can conquer all battles of life. There is a lot of negativity outside called viruses (which we are most afraid of now-a-day in Corona outbreak). But there are other forms of negativity as well like negative emotions and thoughts created by us and also those around us. How do we deal with any form of invisible negativity around us? Using the power of fire, you can remove all negativity and attain health, prosperity, happiness and success. Here I am using a special Divine Pyramid Fire tool designed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt for 10 times the results. You can perform the fire on a simple ceramic plate at home if you don’t have this tool.