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Dr. Vacuum to bring balance during critical disorders

By Dr Dhara Bhatt

When you apply massage, you are giving pressure to the part of the body. This is called positive pressure. But there is an equally important way of the internal massage through negative pressure. Negative pressure can be created through a vacuum and is popularly known as cupping technique. There are special vacuum or cupping tools available in the market. But we can easily do it at home with the help of a small metal pot called lotah, candle, and some dough. The navel is the original source of energy right from when we were connected through it with our mothers. Dr. Vacuum is a Japanese Navel balancing technique called Hara balancing. Dr. Vacuum gives you complete energy balance in all the 72000 'nadis' or the 12 meridians concentrated at the navel. It acts like a reset button for our body and we should do it at least once every month to release all toxins and become rejuvenated. A minor navel imbalance can cause low energy, inflammation and redness in the skin, mood swings and unknown musculoskeletal pains. A Beverly imbalanced navel can cause abdominal pains, diarrhea, deficiency and absorption problems, irregular periods in women and even bipolar disorders. Let's see how to balance the navel with Dr. Vacuum - Ask the person to lie down on the back. Take some dough and flatten it. Keep it a bit thick as you are going to put a candle on it and we do not want it to hurt the person for whom we are doing the reset. Place the dough on the navel or your belly button. Place a small flat candle on it. Light the candle. Place a small glass over it. After a while, the candle will extinguish and it will create a vacuum in the area and you will notice it's not very easy to take the glass off. Wait for a few minutes. the vacuum will be released on its own. Your treatment is done. Preferably do this treatment in early morning before your breakfast.