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Simple 3-Step FaMa Reiki for Self - Healing is easy and you can do it!

By Dr. Dhara Bhatt

We will learn this in 3 ways (in three separate videos) - healing for self, healing for others and healing from a distance. This video is for Self-healing. Self healing is self practice to remove physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual blockages. It helps you rejuvenate your HeartMind and brings you positive healing energy and balance that is needed so much in our hectic, stress-filled lives. Self healing is a compassionate tool to let go and let God. Daily practice of FaMa healing will empower you to accept yourself as you are and eventually make very aspect of your life beautiful. It has the power to change your body, relationships, intelligence, and even finances. FaMa Reiki has just 3 simple steps. Lets see how to do them - Draw a FaMa symbol like this with a sketch pen on the back of your palms. Step 1 - Close your eyes. Sit comfortably with hands in Gassho position. FaMa is the universal bipolarity of the highest Father and Mother energies that created the whole world. Invoke FaMa energy by remembering the God and the goddess you believe in or you could simply remember your father and mother. Invite the Divine FaMa energy whole-heartedly for your healing. Offer yourself as a healing medium. You will notice that within a few seconds, your hands will feel a certain warmth or vibrations between them and there will be a pleasant feeling in the heart. Once you feel this presence of FaMa energy, you have become a live channel between the supreme universal bipolar energy and the person to be healed. Step 2 - Place your hands palms touching your heart. Put a wish for the organ or area in your life that requires healing. Allow the Divine Fa and Ma power to channel the healing energy through you. Then just sit there and focus on your breath going in and out. Continue for as long as you like. Step 3 - Again take a gassho position. Thank the divine FaMa for allowing the healing and thank yourself for doing this.