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FaMa Reiki Distance (No touch) - You can health others without touching them too!

By Dr Dhara Bhatt

There are times when we cannot physically access the person who needs healing. It could be your spouse, kid or any other family member or friend in distress. You might not be able to actually help them there and then, but you can definitely send some positive energy at a much needed time. Remember, the more loving and healing energies you send out to others, the more you will receive in return from the Universe. To do this, you would require a special spiritual tool called a pyramid. A divine Pyramid energy tool is acts as a leverage to amplify your healing energies with less time and effort. Here I am using a pre-made Pyramid Yantra designed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. You can make your own pyramid using the dimensions given in my book or you could just message me in the comment box below and I’ll send it to you. Now do the first step of FaMa Reiki as seen in the self-healing video. Take a piece of paper and remember the person in need of healing. Write their name with love and compassion over the paper. If you have their picture, you can also fix it there. Then fold the paper and keep it under the pyramid. Place your hands over the pyramid and let the divine FaMa Reiki pass through you into the pyramid tool and to the person who needs the healing. Continue sending FaMa Reiki for 5 minutes daily.