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27 Super Doctors to Heal yourself your loved ones

By Dr. Dhara Bhatt

Any negative thought or emotion can create imbalance and disease. It is an even bigger problem than viruses and bacteria or food and exercise. These are powerful enough to create many health problems that have no medicine. Health is the inner potential of your trillions of cells, your organs and the body as a whole. This potential can only be invoked by harmony and balance between the inner self and the environment around us. We have the support of the five basic elements. When you use them wisely along with your five sense organs and the 5 action organs, you can achieve balance and harmony of Mind-Body and Consciousness. 27 Super Doctors are freely available for you to use anytime and anywhere. Learn to invoke the miraculous healer within you. Learn how to use the 27 Super Doctors through my mini-lectures to heal yourself and those around you.