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Zone Yoga to energise and balance Mind and Body

By Dr Dhara Bhatt

Zone Yoga is an absolutely easy way of healing and energizing your body through 16 remote zones. Yoga means a union of higher and lower consciousness. When we are using and manipulating the points, joints and areas of our palms to correct the pains and problems of the entire body, this kind of yoga is called Zone Yoga. Our palm is a map of our entire body. Let us see how - The front of your palm is soft, so is in your body. The back part is hard both in your body and on your palm. So, you want to treat the problem in the front part of your body, use the soft side of your palm and when you want to treat the hard part of your body, use the back of your palm. Her you need to remember one exception. In your legs, the front part is hard and the back part is soft. Now let us divide our body into two parts - One core of your body that has your chest and abdomen; and second is the five projections coming out of that core - A Head, 2 Arms, and 2 legs. Let's see on our hand - there is a core and 5 fingers coming out of it. Your head is made up of 2 parts - the head itself and the neck. Similarly, your thumb is made up of 2 parts. Your hands are made up of 3 parts - Arm, Forearm and palms. So, your pointer and little fingers also have 3 parts. Your legs also have 3 parts - Upper leg, lower leg, and feet. Similarly, the middle and Ring finger also has three parts. Now let us see how to find your Zone Yoga are for right knee pain. Find the second joint of the ring finger of the right hand or middle finger of the left hand. Go to the hard part and press for hundred times with a message to heal the pain.