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Dr. Legs - walking for health, wealth or happiness!

By Dr. Dhara Bhatt

Walking for health we all know. But walking for Wealth or Happiness? Curious? Then this Dr. Legs should be interesting for you. There are 10 vital organs in our body. These are divided into Fa and Ma or Yang and Yin organs. To balance both Fa and Ma organs, walking is the best exercise. Dr. Legs is a revolutionary walking system with awareness. It helps you fulfill your purpose. Your purpose for this walk can be health, wealth or happiness. This is a simple to and fro walking method. It is best done bare feet on lawn or soil, but you can also do it inside the house. Let us see how to do it - Stand in a namaste position and decide your purpose. Pray to the father sky and mother earth to shower you blessing for fulfilling your purpose. Walk 3 steps forward with a calm, firm and clear mindset. Stop and pause for a few seconds. Walk 3 steps backward. Again pause. Repeat this to and fro walking for 3-5 minutes. After you are done, stand in the namaste position and say thanks for the universal parental energy.