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Dr. Face for Inner Beauty and Increased Vitality

By Dr. Dhara Bhatt

Today we are going to see a quick and effective 6-step Dr. Face technique that is a must for everyone at least once a day. You can also do it for yourself. Start from the Ajna and trace with pressure to the top of the head. Tap there with the hollow of your palm for releasing your true inner potential for happiness, peace and satisfaction. The move on to the inner corner of the eyes. Massage gently but firmly here for chest and upper abdominal health and vitality. Next is the Base of your nose. Massage there for abdominal and lower back energizing. It helps in digestive, diabetic and kidney problems. Then we go to the Center of chin for hormonal balance, reproductive health, and prostate problems. It helps you connect to your inner feelings and releases blocked emotions. Next, we massage the cheekbones for circulatory and nervous rejuvenation. It helps in facial paralysis as well as other musculoskeletal problems. Lastly, we massage the sides of your forehead. It clears your mind off unwanted thoughts and helps increase inner momentum and good decision making. Happy Health to you!